Welcome to the fairy-tale castle on the eastern border of Estonia!

Since 1885, the snow-white castle with its turrets has caught the eye in the heart of Alatskivi. Modelled after Balmoral Castle, the main building of the manor was designed by its owner Arved Georg von Nolcken himself. Over the years, the castle has had
various functions, but since 2011, the restored castle has been open to all guests in its full glory. On the first floor, there is a visitor centre that introduces Alatskivi Castle as a residence of one family, as well as the entire history of the manor in general, and provides an overview of the castle's restoration process. In the basement, there is a photo exhibition of the manors of Old Tartu County, an exhibition of wax figures of the manor servants and craft workshop that offers the opportunity to participate in the pottery rooms and buy handicrafts. On the second floor, there is a museum dedicated to the renowned composer Eduard Tubin who was born in the nearby town of Kallaste.
Additionally the Alatskivi Castle restaurant offers fine dining and special
accommodation for eight guests in four suites.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!