One twilight evening in January, a group of people gathered in front of the castle. From a distance, they certainly looked like completely ordinary tourists who where expressing their interest in the manor, were covered in snow up to their knees. However, they were especially interested in the appearance of the castle - it was viewed from the left, right, bottom corner and top edge. They waved their hands and walked to the lake side of the castle. Suddenly the laughter and chatter stopped, and the group moved into the pitch-dark castle.

All the windows of the castle were already dark as the visiting hours were over. Standing outside, however, you definitely noticed the periodic switching on of lights in all the castle's rooms. It was the Light Festival team that got to know each other, got to know the castle and interesting stories related to the castle. Ideas, flashes of thought and insights emerged.

This is the same team that will light up Alatskivi in October. During one weekend, together and together with you!

Don't miss the Light Festival! Mark it in your calendar!


In fact, it all started in 2020. Nor did Mikk Kirikal and Laura Lillepalu-Scott know each other very well then. The first meetings were modest in Estonian terms.
So why did we get together? We were both fascinated by the Light Festival in Pärnu, we looked at the Alatskivi Castle and found that a similar event would suit us wonderfully here. We made plans, wrote projects, but we were constantly the first to be left out. We dreamed, we talked, we encouraged each other. Until the opportunity came to present the project as part of the Tartu2024 capital of culture.
To be completely honest, we did hope! Rather secretly, but when the news came that others are also enthusiastic about our project! This added even more wind to our wings!
Now we are among the lucky ones whose project can be seen in the fall of this year!
We are very much looking forward to your visit to Alatskivi, because what will happen here is unique, interesting and extraordinary!

What is the story of the Alatskivi Light Festival?
Image memory can be more powerful than other types of memory. The light festival Alatskivi Lights takes visitors on a vigorous journey through time in Alatskivi Castle and the surrounding area, where visuals intertwine with light and sound. Local culture can also be experienced in the castle's restaurant and pottery studio. The culmination of the event will be performances spiced with light, video and sound on the facade of Alatskivi Castle.
This year, we will introduce you to three strong and talented men from Alatskivi area:
Nolcken - Tubin - Liiv

See you soon!

Laura and Mikk
/ In the picture, Laura and Mikk watching last year's Pärnu light festival at ÖÖvalge. Photographed by Astrid Hallik/