On the 19th of May we are celebrating Josephine's birthday with a flower party

10.00 Opening of the flower party
10.30 Painter Merle Meituse's exhibition opening in palvela (II floor)

11.00 Dance group Josephine in main hall (I floor)
12.00 Kõkaru Tubina kammersaalis
13.00 AKUKO (Alatskivi's Art school) performing in Tubina's hall (II floor)
14.00 Guided tour for ticket holders
14.00 - 17.00 Dog show in front of the castle (Tartu Spanjelklubi)

We are also holding a market, plant exchange and different workshops. There is a possibility to ride a horse and take photos with a photographer.

Please preregister for workshops.

Ceramics workshop €7
Organzaflowers - we are making flowers €6 or keyrings €8
Paperflowers - €5
Smooti making workshop at 13:00

admin@alatskiviloss.ee or by phone 56835544