Eduard Tubin – a honorary guest of Alatskivi castle

Eduard Tubin Museum in Alatskivi castle was completed in the spring of 2011 as a teamwork of Alatskivi rural municipality and the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum. The exposition of museum introduces widely the life and work of Eduard Tubin, one of the most outstanding and renowned Estonian composers.

In the beginning of exposition the visitors get acquainted with renowned musicians, members of so-called Tartu school, who studied together with Tubin by Eino Eller in Tartu – Eduard Oja, Alfred Karindi, Olav Roots, Karl Leichter.

Besides enjoying the historical beauty of the castle and its halls guests get an overview of Tubin’s music, they can listen to his recordings, see his scores and manuscripts, musical instruments, records, books, theatre costume sketches, get acquainted with performers of his music etc. Also the films and photos, shot by Tubin himself, are shown in the museum, as well as the large-scale model of the castle.

Lectures and concerts take place in Chamber Hall. In information booth the complete list of Tubin’s works is available, as well as the virtual exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Eduard Tubin, compiled by the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum, and the virtual album of photos taken by Tubin. And naturally – the music of Tubin sounds everywhere, because it is the raison d’être of the Tubin’s museum.